About Us


Founder & CEO Alexander Johnstone with
World Advisory clients

World Advisory provides small business consulting services to help people succeed and reach their full potential.

In 2010, The World Advisory Company was founded in Washington, D.C. by Alexander Johnstone. He began by reaching out to small business owners during the economic recession and asking them how he could help.

He soon found there to be an incredibly under served population of small business owners, especially micro business owners with 10 employees or less. These individuals are usually passionate about a subject or are skilled in a particular trade or craft, but know little about establishing and managing a business operation. That’s where World Advisory comes in.

Johnstone began providing personalized and affordable guidance and assistance in a variety of ways to help these business owners accomplish their goals. He personally worked with hundreds of clients and learned what is essential to their success. Over the course of several years, he developed a reliable process to help small business owners save time and money, avoid making mistakes, receive expert advice and professional assistance, and most importantly have someone there for them in times of need.

The business owners he worked with were finally able to receive the assistance they need to succeed. Previously, most consulting firms quoted these individuals at astronomical rates or flat out refused to work with them because of their lack of experience or their ideas were not fully formed.

It’s our goal at World Advisory to make entrepreneurship more accessible to all individuals and make it easier and more enjoyable to start and grow a business.

“The purpose of World Advisory is to help people succeed and reach their full potential.”

World Advisory HQ

Today, World Advisory has a team of Business Consultants that work with small business owners all across the United States.

In addition to our services, World Advisory also publishes an online magazine on small business news, tips, interviews, and more called Small Business View. The purpose of Small Business View is to inform, educate, and inspire people everywhere on small business, entrepreneurship and personal development.

World Advisory is also actively involved in the communities we work in through a variety of events and promotions. We believe that small businesses are an essential part of every community and we actively make efforts to strengthen this impact. In addition to seminars and networking happy hours, we have twice hosted the Small Business Expo of Washington, D.C.

The official philanthropy of World Advisory is called Business For Hope. Through this program, we provide our small business consulting services to disadvantaged individuals free of charge. This includes people that are homeless, veterans with PTSD, those with mental illness, at-risk youth, and more.

At World Advisory, we’re just getting started as we continue our mission of helping people succeed and reach their full potential.