As the official philanthropy of World Advisory, Business For Hope provides free small business consulting services to help disadvantaged individuals succeed and reach their full potential.

The goal of World Advisory is to allow anyone to easily be able to start and grow a business and make their dreams become a reality. We’re able to accomplish this through our consulting services that are very affordable and accessible to people of all walks of life.

However, there are many creative and intelligent people that are disadvantaged and need our help the most. This includes individuals that are Homeless, Mentally Disabled, Veterans with PTSD, At-Risk Youth, and more.

The goal of Business For Hope is to help these individuals thrive through entrepreneurship. One of the most powerful skills one can master is the ability to create value from nothing and earn a living through this.

We’re partnering with non-profit organizations across the United States to provide our small business consulting services free of charge to those in great need.

Each individual works in person with a World Advisory professional Business Consultant that provides guidance and assistance in a variety of ways to help start and grow a business.

Through Business For Hope, we firmly believe that we can help these individuals thrive and contribute to our economy in the most productive and meaningful way possible.

If you are interested in working with us to help us achieve our goals, you can visit